Presented by the Louisiana State Society
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Boil FAQs

Event Highlights: 1. The DC LCC crawfish boil is staffed entirely by 55 (+/-) volunteers. Nobody pulls a paycheck from our event. 2. Our event includes: 10,000 lbs (+/-) crawfish, jambalaya, corn, sausage, paper products, catering, 50 kegs of beer, park rental, live band, cokes & water bottles, rental truck/gas, ABC license, free shuttles to and from the metro for our members, cleaning materials, cleaning crew, website, and insurance. 3. At just $60 a ticket, our profit of margin is purposely razor thin, just enough to stay in the black. As we have no intention to make a profit, we pass on all savings to our members. The small margin ebbs and flows each year due to overhead costs and ticket sales. Any leftover funds are applied to the next year’s startup costs.4. At $60 a ticket, the event is still far cheaper than a comparable day/night out in DC (non-stop Louisiana food, beer, endless cokes, ice cream, live Louisiana band, free transportation, location, etc.) 5. We do not advertise nor increase the ticket prices to generate extra income. Our event is solely for the enjoyment of our alumni, guests, and Louisiana natives who wish to attend. 

Beer: As in years past, we pride ourselves in providing excellent beer selections with little wait time. A keg truck with professional bartenders allows us to maximize our time and efficiency. Please note that while we all enjoy Abita, they are unable to provide a keg truck to support our event needs. Regardless, we promise to have a reliable truck system with professional bartenders and variety of pre-poured brews with signage. 

Beer Cups: In abiding by Virginia ABC laws, we can only serve two cups of beer per person per trip in official event cups…no exceptions. 

Beer Consumption: In abiding by Virginia ABC laws, we have the right to refuse service to any person at the event regardless of reason. VA ABC also strictly prohibits drinking games and public intoxication. 

Catering: Special thanks to Shaver’s of Shreveport for helping us build our event into the premier Louisiana festival in the Washington, DC Metro area over the past 13 years. We have guests travel from New England and the Deep South for the Bayou Fete. No caterer in Louisiana (or America for that matter) can handle our size event with such flexibility, professionalism, quality, and cost. Shaver’s has supported us from day one and is an intricate partner in our success.

Date: We are limited to the middle of May/beginning of June due to DC weather and university graduations (the busiest season for our alumni offices). We try our best to avoid Memorial Day weekend and anything past the 2nd week of June but are at the mercy of the Federal Park Service reservation calendar. Again, we have a small window for our dates and try our best to avoid mid-June and Memorial Day weekend. 

Ingredients: The ingredients in the crawfish served at our boil is: (1) Louisiana Crab Boil Mix and (2) regular block Margarine. Per the label on Louisiana Crab Boil Mix: salt, spices, dextrose, lemon juice, onion, garlic, natural flavor, silicon dioxide (to prevent caking), monosodium glutamate. Click on the following links to see brands and ingredients of the boil mix and the jambalaya. 
Pic1 - Pic 2 Pic 3 - Pic 4 - Pic 5MSG is used.

Hotdogs/Hamburgers: As a group, we made a conscious decision upon our inception to spend every penny possible on crawfish. Up here, this is the only time most of our guests are able to attend a crawfish boil, so we want to maximize our resources for their enjoyment. 

LA/School Pride: We encourage people to show their Louisiana pride by wearing school colors, Saints gear, or other items to demonstrate your LA-pride. 

Merchandise: Federal Park Rules prohibit exchange of currency on property, so we may not sell anything on site. Years ago we took pre-orders for 10th year anniversary t-shirts. However, due to our limited volunteer labor resources, the work hours required for design, pre-order, and handing out product, repeating this on an annual base is unsustainable. 

Membership: All listed chapter alumni & LSS members may purchase unlimited discounted tickets under their name. If you want your university to participate, please have your alumni office contact us at All Louisiana alumni groups are welcome. 

Metro (Huntington): We will have professional signs that are easy to read from a distance at the event and metro. We strongly encourage guests to use the free shuttle to cut down on parking issues and possible DUIs. 

Multiple Crawfish Trays: We are only able to offer one official LCC DC paper crawfish tray per wristbanded person, per trip, as many trips as you wish, while supplies last. This is to ensure only paying guests are able to access our lines. 

Park Grounds: Please follow the park rules. There can be no stakes in the ground, loose pets, or parking in the grass. We rent the entire park so all of the picnic tables are available for our use, as are Area “B” restrooms. 

Parking: The entire park and all parking lots are reserved for the boil except Area E. Please carpool and arrive early. To avoid parking and DUIs, feel free to take our complementary private shuttles from Huntington Metro. Its quick, it’s easy, and it’s free!

Questions, comments, suggestions, accolades?: Please send them to